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Adjusters, Inc. is a group of highly trained and highly motivated professionals dedicated to target searches of white collar crime fugitives and the recovery of collateral that they possess. Our staff's enthusiasm and endurance is recognized yearly by over 1000 clients. Our emloyees have ready access to informants as well as the most up to date technical support. Because most of our case load involves "high caliber skips", the atmosphere at the compund is one of highly intense operational searches with an emphasis on speed.
Due to property deterioration there exists an urgency to effect recovery. Our investigators both in the field and in the office have a meticulous approach to their investigations, with an emphasis on communication and dedication to lowering national deliquency rates starting with (I hope) your company.
We presently have room for your files no matter how difficult.
Please contact me at your convenience.

About the owner
Manhunt International
Manhunt Seminars
Author-Manhunt (The Book)
National Association of Fraud Investigators
Texas Auto Theft Mutual
B.A. Degree Political Science: Baylor University
Board of Directors and Grievance Chairman-Time Finance Adjusters
California Licensed Repossessors
Prime Insurance Group
Florida Association of Licensed Repossessors

About the Company
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 330007
Houston, Texas 77233
Toll Free Assignment Center
Phone: 1.713.641.2474 | Fax : 1.888.649.7885




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